Some of the stories we're watching at WineTable this week: Chinese interest in and demand for wine continues to grow, and while New Zealand wineries are booming because of it, some French neighborhoods are concerned what it means for their local traditions. Also in the news, sources have named the principal buyer of Wine Advocate shares and an archaelogist says he's found the first place grapes were cultivated for wine.

If you've been around wine much, chances are, you've heard the mid-November fanfare for Beaujolais Nouveau. There are some mixed feelings throughout the wine world about Beaujolais Nouveau. Some argue it's more clever marketing than time-honored tradition, but really -- if you like the wine, then what does it matter, right? If you've never tried the wine, this interview with wine shop guy Randy Walker--by his daughter, Doniree Walker--offers the best primer you could ask for (and some amazing pairings, to boot).  

Turkey Leftovers and Wine
By: Ralph de Amicis
Posted: Nov. 26, 2012

Every year in Wine Country as the vines yellow the question arises, what is the best wine with turkey? It’s a question worth asking even after the big day, when turkey leftovers are still in abundance. If you're packing in a few turkey and cranberry sandwiches this week, try them with a little malbec, suggests WineTable writer and tour guide Ralph de Amicis.

A Mashed Potato Match
By: Jeff S Cameron
Posted: Nov. 20, 2012

One of my favorite dishes from our family Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes. But so many rich flavors in the potatoes, topped with gravy and even more spices, makes the lowly potato a difficult dish to pair wine with, not even counting the seven other side dishes and turkey that are crowding the plate as well.


It’s Thanksgiving, you have your turkey, and now you need a wine, but which one? Well, think about the flavors you want to go with it. With turkey being a light-tasting fowl, the flavors are often influenced by ingredients and cooking methods more than just the bird itself, so head to the spice rack and take a look around. Herbs and spices are an important part of pairing because they can change the flavor profile of a dish, thus changing which wine you want to pick.