About Us

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About WineTable

At WineTable, we’re all about making wine enjoyable, interesting and something to share with friends. We launched WineTable because we saw a need in the market for a better way to connect people to the plethora of incredible wines being produced today – without getting overly caught up by the top-down wine ratings of the “experts” the industry too often lives and dies by.

Our goal is to help you find great wine, drink it, and just maybe learn a little something about it. To get there, we’ve put together a set of features—a wine database where you can rate the wine yourself, a food pairings guide, the blog and a really cool search that makes pinpointing the best places to go for a good glass really super easy.

Whether you’re just getting introduced to the delicious and beautiful panorama of wines from around the world or you’re a seasoned connoisseur, WineTable has the tools you need to navigate your journey in wine.

Socially-Aware Recommendations.

When you search the WineTable wine bar finder, you’ll find the top wine bars in your area—recommended by others who go there. What’s better than other awesome people pointing out your own path to awesome wine adventures? You can find wine bars in Chile, London, Dallas, Duluth, Hong Kong—wherever you are or might end up.

Wine Deals to Sweeten the Experience.

It’s no secret that we’ve become a deal-loving, deal-shopping society. And that goes for wine, too. So in addition to socially recommended wine bars, you can find cool deals that involve drinking wine…and doing something else. With your pals, of course.

Wine Reviews and Ratings.

With so much variety in wine, there’s plenty to try, explore, form opinions on and talk about. With more than 55,000 wines in the WineTable database, you have the tools you need at your fingertips to record all of your wine experiences for your own reference.

Wine is better when it’s shared among comrades. Cheers and welcome to WineTable.