The Quality of Sun Light
By: Ralph de Amicis
Posted: Jan. 16, 2013

“Grapes are sunlight held together with water,” Galileo said. He had a good point there because vines create much of their fruit from sunlight, so the quality of light in the vineyards is an essential part of the terroir that shapes the flavor of the wines."

Your vacation is a time to relax and a wine tour fits the bill wonderfully. But my tour guests are often surprised by how tired they are at the end of a day of touring. Often dinner plans are scrapped and wake-up calls ignored. Although they are thoroughly relaxed at the end of the day, they are not up for much more. And this not just due to inebriation—though excessive amounts of wine can figure in. Abiding by some good rules of thumb will help you maximize your energy without overdoing it.

Turkey Leftovers and Wine
By: Ralph de Amicis
Posted: Nov. 26, 2012

Every year in Wine Country as the vines yellow the question arises, what is the best wine with turkey? It’s a question worth asking even after the big day, when turkey leftovers are still in abundance. If you're packing in a few turkey and cranberry sandwiches this week, try them with a little malbec, suggests WineTable writer and tour guide Ralph de Amicis.

A bottle of wine is one of the world's best souvenirs, but being a breakable bottle containing alcohol, getting it home is harder than other great souvenirs, such as jewelry or clothes. Find out the best ways to bring wine home from your travels and relive your memories.

When you plan a wine tour it’s not just a matter of maps, routes and tasting fees. You should also consider your body's physical reactions to the taste of the wine. While wine tourism is about more than just the wine: never forget the importance of the palate.