Pink, sparkly and passionate about wine. Meet the two ladies behind the Napa Valley winery, Pink Girl Wines. With expansion planned for the next wine season, Tina and Martina’s wines score big for bachelorette parties and rosé lovers. Read their interview with WineTable’s Keith Hoffman.

Maybe we are all cavemen and cavewomen at heart, because just the mention of a wine cave during a tour is enough to make me change the itinerary so my clients can taste wine underground, surrounded by barrels. What is it about caves? In the past, maybe it was the sexy fur outfits or the ability to impress a girl with grunts. Well, we’re far past those primordial fascinations, but caves still play an important role in wine country.

Here are some of the stories we’re following in the wine world.

Crafting wine is an individual art. Techniques, timing and taste differ from vineyard to vineyard. That's why we're getting to know the individuals behind the wines we love. The winemaker's own blend of style, personality and experience are part of what makes wine special, and today's featured winemaker is no exception. Meet Franciscan Estate and Mount Veeder winemaker Janet Myers. What's she like? Let's start with anthropology, opening Christmas presents, London, bright limes, and Bordeaux with halibut.

Napa Valley is Napa Valley is Napa Valley. That seems to be the general consensus when talking about the wines from there. But it’s an unfortunate generalization—comparable to saying San Francisco is the same wherever you go in that great city. In truth, there are many unique distinctions in the valley, one of which is the wine from the hills.

Napa Valley, California is one of the most famous and favorite wine-producing regions in the world. It can be overwhelming, in a paradox-of-choice kind of way, when planning any trip to a region with so many options. Doniree makes planning easier with her focus on three Napa vineyards.