Women & Wine: Just Jess
By: Robin Salls
Posted: Jan. 03, 2013

The world of wine has a reputation for being pretentious, and the variables that make it a complex creation can pose an intimidating barrier to those who perhaps consider themselves less studious, but like to drink it nevertheless. It’s a predicament Wine Channel TV Founder Jess Altieri has set out to address. A Certified Sommelier and TV personality, she’s on a mission to make wine sensible, understandable and fun for the masses.

Wine over the decades has become a passion and lifestyle for many women, as we see women exploring the world of wine beyond consumerism. While women have become the main purchasers of wine in American households, they are taking more prominent positions within the industry as well. There are a few trends at work here: women are realizing the social aspects of wine and have become the main household purchaser of it, and in a developing parallel, women are also embracing the science and hands-on nature of wine-crafting in ever greater numbers. This series on women and wine will introduce you to some incredible women who have taken their passion for wine and turned it into a lifestyle and even a career.