Today’s kids think they’re the center of the universe, and if some of them are yours, no doubt you need a breather. That’s where the importance of wine comes into play. We've paired up with EmmaleeElizabeth to bring you some fabulous appetizers and wines to match. Time to kick back and relax.

There's still time to finalize your Super Bowl menu and make sure you have the best array of junk food possible (and a few healthy things, too). We've found some sizzlin' good recipes and pinned them (with a bunch of wine pairings) on Pinterest. Here's just a hint of what's in store. What will you be making for game day?

There’s no time like the present to start getting in gear for your Super Bowl bash. Run those laps, clean the house and show off your own Super Bowl (menu) strategy with these make-ahead mini crab cakes from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff. The adults will love your style—especially when you serve it with a well-paired wine. Don't forget--they eat crab cakes in BOTH San Francisco and show your true colors with the dipping sauce you make.

Broaden your Super Bowl menu with this spicy southwestern stew. This twist on the more traditional ground beef chili with the introduction of beef brisket or bottom round will keep your crew well-fed and cheering throughout the day. Try this recipe from WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff and pair it with a cool-climate syrah or shiraz from Australia or Washington State, a full-bodied, cool-climate zinfandel or an oak-aged Lemberger from Washington State, Germany or Austria.

Chips and dip is about as necessary to the Super Bowl as Kaepernick is to the 49ers’ try at the victory this year. Guacamole is a healthy alternative to some of those greasier meat-and-cheese dips we all know (and—let’s face it—love) and is also great for slathering on carrot sticks. Make this version by WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff and put your conscience to ease while you dig in. Even on Super Bowl Sunday you can have your veggies and eat them too.

Ham, mushrooms and cream on toast. What could be a more comforting set of ingredients for a cold winter’s snack. Who’s bringing the wine? From WineTable Executive Chef Harry Haff.