Sometimes in life, we require a therapist; physical therapists, group therapists, individual therapists or marriage therapists. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we recommend that lovers spend money at the The Chocolate Therapist which just may reduce the need for the aforementioned therapists!                                          


Julie Pech, owner of this hand-crafted chocolate and gourmet coffee shop, in historic downtown Littleton, Colorado, has the energy of a bumblebee. She is tall, blond, athletic and attributes her beauty and health to a passion for living a healthy lifestyle which she has maintained since college days by eating organic food and exercising.      


Always eating for optimal athletic performance, Julie avoided sweets for many years. But when the news broke that chocolate was an antioxidant, she began to research and experiment and then wrote her book, The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate


Julie’schocolate creations are made with all natural chocolate, nuts, berries, spices and organic flavoring oils; nothing she would avoid herself. All of them are designed to promote health and support the natural eating concepts in her book. She “walks the talk” and is happy to spread the good news: Guess what? Chocolate is good for us!


In fact, Julie, a nutritionist, gives 10 to 20 presentations per month to various groups about chocolate and healthy eating. She teaches chocolate and wine pairing classes as well as tea pairing and has traveled internationally as a guest speaker on cruise lines. She has appeared on local television and national radio numerous times and is currently in the process of developing partnerships to produce a sitcom called (of course), The Chocolate Therapist. The videos on her website are hilarious and when asked who she would like to star in her sitcom, she said, “Myself! I love being in front of the camera!” With all that Julie has accomplished, we have no doubts about stardom for her.



Wine pairing forms a major portion of Julie’s book. “People always ask me which comes first when pairing - the wine or the chocolate?” she writes. “Personally I prefer to put the chocolate in my mouth first. This gives the chocolate a chance to melt before you add the wine. As you’re assessing the chocolate, pour about a third of a glass of wine. Swirl the wine in the glass and take short sniffs. Take a small sip and swish the wine around with the chocolate so that the two mingle together. Note how the flavors of the chocolate have changed. Some of the flavors will be accentuated by the wine; others will be covered up. Sometimes the wine may be too strong for the chocolate or the chocolate is too strong for the wine. You’re looking for balance.”


Spoken like a true therapist.


The Chocolate Therapist sells a box of chocolates specifically made for pairing with wine.  Recommendations are: Risata Moscato d'Asti for the lemon flavored, Catena Alta Malbec for the black cherry-flavored version. For the sangria chocolate, try Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.


The Chocolate Therapist has become so popular the shop is now franchising around the country. Visit The Chocolate Therapist online to order. 

Paul W. Giese wrote at February 6, 2013
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Love the video. Good luck with the sitcom.
Paul W. Giese
Jeff S Cameron wrote at February 5, 2013
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Very funny
Jeff S Cameron