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Leslee D. Miller
Leslee D. Miller
Member Since 2013
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Leslee D. Miller

EducatorSommelierWine Pro  /  Sommelier/Educator/Wine Consultant/Wine Writer

Profile Video

Don't miss this super fun, yet informative 'How to Entertain with Wine' video with Twin Cities Sommelier, Leslee Miller of Amusée. Learn what pairs best to a number of different cooking techniques to poultry, what wine with chocolate and fun items like shrimp cocktail and other entertaining goodies. All of these wines under $8 on the shelf at ALDI!

Looking for a way to spruce up your next holiday gathering or girls night in party? Look no further, Twin Cities Wine Sommelier Leslee Miller of Amusée, has just the right answers to adding a little pizzazz to your wine for your next event. What ingredients are best for making your own signature 'Wine-Tail' or 'Winter Sangria'? Check it out for yourself and use these easy, fun and affordable tips yourself at your next gathering!

Join Twin Cities Sommelier, Leslee Miller, of Amusée for a few fun tips when buying wines on your next trip to ALDI. Learn how to make the most of an ALDI wine label, what to look for when shopping for wine at ALDI when pairing to a variety of foods from meals to chocolate and cheese. Lastly, take a few tips from this wine expert...Learn how to step outside your Box when shopping for wines at ALDI. Make the most of ALDI's award winning wine selections!

Selecting a wine for your next meal doesn't have to be that hard. Sommelier Leslee Miller, owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée, of the Twin Cities, Minnesota shows you how to pair with just a few easy tips when it comes to selecting the right wine with your food. ALDI stores have everything you need - from an array of fresh food to a wide selection of award-winning International wines - to make your meal complete any day of the week!