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Whitney Khan
Whitney Khan
Member Since 2012
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If you’re still longing for a little outdoors before the cool of fall sends you scurrying for a nice knitted afghan quilt inside, hold onto a little bit of summer with a final cookout--grilled pizza. It’s way way way too fantastic to miss.

If your fascination with endlessly circling Minnesota's 10,000 lakes as your main source of summer fun is waning, it's time for a change. Here are some ideas to spice up the next week or two.

A lot of things get better with age: wine, cheese, leather, your favorite jeans. And, hopefully, WineTable. The past few months have seen quite a few updates on our website, and we’re excited to update you, our favorite wine community, on our progress.

Sometimes, I just get a hankering for curry. Stewed chunks of meat, simmering in a paste of spices, plenty of onion, garlic and hot pepper and served over fluffy rice—mmmmm, now that’s flavor-packed comfort food.

It’s amazing what can come out of your produce drawer when you approach it with the attitude of NO FEAR. Here’s a salad that may not necessarily claim any particular cultural lineage, but nevertheless will imbue you with full zest for life.

Late last week, Microsoft announced it is revamping its structure to coalesce its teamwork and increase its collaboration between divisions. As any good wine drinker knows, wine is one of the best ways to inspire collaboration, so in honor of Microsoft, here are three of the best wine bars in the Redmond area. 

Everyone knows that for coffee, Seattle is the place to be—from the original Starbucks to the home territory of Seattle’s Best to a plethora of independent shops—but where does one go for wine? We've got the answers.

A basket full of charcuterie is perfect for a romantic picnic or an afternoon getaway with the girlfriends. With a little planning, it can even be an urban escape in the middle of a city during a busy workday. Any way you slice, it’s a perfect excuse to take a spin through your local cheese and wine shops to test their wares.

Fresh, citrusy and perfect with a sprinkle of dill, grilled salmon is just the thing for a lazy summer night. Perfect after an afternoon of playing in the sprinkler.

Time for fireworks, some John Philip Sousa and the firing up of the grill. It's Fourth of July and the All-American picnic-and-grill-fest weekend (along with Memorial Day and Labor Day, of course). We've got some wine suggestions to make yours an over-the-top-amazing food day.

It's good to have a drink in hand. Always. That's why coffee shops that double as wine bars and wine bars that offer coffee are wonderful bursts of entrepreneurial genius. Makes for more enjoyable hours of the day--relaxing with a book or working on the laptop with the buzz of lowkey activity as your pleasant whitenoise background--from the start-of-day latte to a happy hour glass of wine.

Say hello to the new WineTable. We've created a quick guide to suggest a new wine type for you to try at one of the top wine bars near you. A great reason to initiate a get-together, right?

Who doesn't need a sweet frozen treat on the Fourth of July? Particularly when it's paired up with a sparkling wine. Get the pairings here. Oh yeah, and the recipe.

Today’s kids think they’re the center of the universe, and if some of them are yours, no doubt you need a breather. That’s where the importance of wine comes into play. We've paired up with EmmaleeElizabeth to bring you some fabulous appetizers and wines to match. Time to kick back and relax.

Whitney Stewart doesn’t have an ounce of Italian blood in her, but she tries to cook as if she had grown up with a gaggle of siblings in some provincial town in the south of Italy. This salad is one of her creations, invented during one of those longing moments. 

A Lemon Cake and Wine Pairing
By: Whitney Khan
Posted: Jun. 04, 2013

Eating this cake is like eating sunshine. So bright, tangy and airy. We’ve got wine pairings too, obviously, so you’re going to want to clear some time in your schedule to make and enjoy this cake and wine pairing.

There’s something about the kid in us that loves grilled cheese. It’s one of those meals that just always takes hold of our culinary imaginations, no matter how grown-up and sophisticated we like to think we’ve become. 

Introducing our new partner in food and wine adventures, EmmaleeElizabethDesign. Check out our recipe and wine pairings in upcoming weeks and one really awesome wine bottle cake.

If you thought Spanish white wine was boring, time to rethink. NYT wine critic Eric Asimov says albariño is on average a crowd pleaser, and at best, something really special.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about expensive gifts. Sometimes it’s the simple things made with love that can make a day super special. Save the spa date or walk around the lake for later in the day. This year, start her day (or ask your man to start your day) with these charming cupcakes and everyone’s favorite fruit-laden beverage, sangria. (Cake for breakfast is divine, you really must try it.)

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