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You’re throwing a last-minute soiree for your favorite people. You have twenty minutes in the grocery store to come up with a solid menu - and wine pairings. Here are some suggestions to make your life 100% simpler.

Most everyone can distinguish a champagne flute from a wine glass. But the various wine glass shapes can stump even the most devout connoisseurs. The size and shape of a wine glass really does affect the taste of wine, so allow us to demystify the glassware.

We all have the same question when we’re sitting down at an Italian restaurant for homemade tagliatelle and mozzarella di bufala: Will I get chased out the door by a mustachioed Sicilian wielding a hefty salami if I order anything but Chianti? Read this article for the exciting conclusion to this cliff-hanging question!

You can describe a wine’s aroma any way you darn well please. Wine is so complex that whatever scent you pick out probably exists. People have smelled everything from honeysuckle to gasoline fumes in a glass of wine. In fact, the more wild and original your descriptors, the better. That said, here are some things you might want to say, if you know what you’re talking about (or just want to look like you do.) 

There is far too much to be thinking about on a first date. From deciding what you’re wearing to sounding smart to avoiding those chair legs that inevitably jump out at you, you just have no margin for error when it comes to discussing, choosing and drinking the wine. Amber Adrian comes to your rescue with a few key do’s and don’t’s.

We generally understand legs to be the things that hold up tables and karate kick bad guys and take us from place to place, usually by helping us operate the gas pedal. But occasionally a new meaning to the word is introduced and suddenly everyone’s confused. Yes, wine legs are a thing. But what are they?