Winter Beverage: Wassail
By: Harry Haff
Posted: Dec. 13, 2012

[Photo: Wassail / Credit: jeremytarling]

Now, if you are going Wassailing as the Christmas carol says, you should probably have some Wassail before heading out. Simmer a quart of fresh orange juice, a pint of pineapple juice, one and one half cups dark brown sugar, one cup of water, three or four cinnamon sticks, two lemons sliced into quarters and bring to a boil. Simmer for five or ten minutes then strain. (This can be done the day before so  all ingredients can steep together in the fridge and you can save some time while getting ready for your guests.)

Warm the mix if making the day before, strain, add four bottles of fruity red wine, one pint of Bual Madeira, and heat very warm, but not over 165°F. Make up your own variations to make any of these festive drinks your own. They are traditional, which means there are as many ways of making them, as there are people of enjoying them.

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