Applying dog logic to life, Brenda and Chris Lynch share their passion for animal rescue and good wine. 

Williams. Selyem. Two words, that when put together make wine purists, pinot noir nuts, and chardonnay lovers (that appreciate the proper use of oak) swoon.  Swoon, and wait.

Maybe we are all cavemen and cavewomen at heart, because just the mention of a wine cave during a tour is enough to make me change the itinerary so my clients can taste wine underground, surrounded by barrels. What is it about caves? In the past, maybe it was the sexy fur outfits or the ability to impress a girl with grunts. Well, we’re far past those primordial fascinations, but caves still play an important role in wine country.

What do surgical pathology, vaporizing cheese stink, “bounce back,” pink umbrellas, the hiss of CO2, and brigades of charitable giving all have in common? Two words: Kerith Overstreet. WineTable gets the inside scoop on Bruliam Wines' don't want to miss it.

Cynthia Cosco went from cop to artisan wine crafter, not a typical journey by any stretch. Her wines are delicious and straight to the point. Get to know the winemaker behind Passaggio Wines. From champagne and potato chips to bottleshock and roller coasters, you'll discover interesting insights about Cynthia to share next time you enjoy a Passaggio with friends.

In our ongoing series of 21 Questions with winemakers, we get answers to questions you may have always wondered...some you might never have thought of. Today, Natalie West, winemaker at Foppiano Vineyards tells us about herself, her thoughts on wine and reveals some of her favorite moments during winemaking. Share your thoughts in the comments section: how does getting to know a bit about a winemaker change or impact the way you think about the wine?