If you needed even more inspiration to finish your Super Bowl food prep ahead of the game, here's a sneak peek at a dozen commercials you'll want to make sure you see. From choose-your-own-adventure to naming rights to a painfully long smooch, this looks to be yet another unforgettable round of ads. Time for a repour of that wine. And make sure to check out our Super Bowl party tips, recipes, pairings and more.

Hyundai – “Team”

Taco Bell – “Grandpa Goes Wild”

For more on Grandpa, check out
this article.

Audi – “Prom (Worth It)”

Coco-Cola – “Mirage”

How do you think this adventure should end? Find out how to
cast your vote.  

Toyota – “I Wish”

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Budweiser – “The Clydesdales: Brotherhood”

Mercedes-Benz - "Soul"

Kia Forte - "Hotbots"

Check out the story behind the sexy robots at

Go Daddy – “Perfect Match”

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Yahoo! review.

Volkswagen – “Get In. Get Happy.”

Priceline – “Dojo”

Axe – “Lifeguard”



Jeff S Cameron wrote at February 1, 2013
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My favorite part of the Super Bowl, I love getting the preview on these commercials. Now we just need to figure out what to pair with each commercial; I am going to suggest a nice Navarro Correas Malbec for the Mercedes Benz ad and maybe the Desert Moon "Groove" sweet red blend for the Volkswagen ad...what do you think?
Jeff S Cameron