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Timothy J Donahue
Timothy J Donahue
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Timothy J Donahue

EducatorOenologistVintner  /  Winemaker /Enologist


Ended up in the wine industry by accident - literally. My father was injured in a car accident in 1999, I was fresh out of university with my BS in Business Admin. Creekside Cellars was just a vision and an old service station. At 23 years old I was put in charge of remodeling, opening a restaurant and winemaking duties (with my fathers guidance of course!). By 2008 my father had recovered, the business was on solid footing I left to pursue my Masters in Oenology at the University of Adelaide. In 2010, I finished my Masters, did 3 vintages (Australia, New Zealand, and Washington), and became the Instructor of Oenology at the incredible (seriously) program at Walla Walla Community College. My goal as an instructor is to turn out winemakers, not oenologists. I employ a very hands on, involved style of teaching as I do not believe winemaking can be learned from a book or writing research papers. The best winemakers have a fundamental understanding of the cellar floor as well as the blending, record keeping and marketing aspects of the industry.

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