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Life is a Box of Chocolates
By: Paul W. Giese
Posted: Feb. 08, 2013

This week, we’re digging in deep on the topic of wine and chocolate. Chocolate therapy. Rules of thumb for chocolate pairing. A guide for which chocolates go with which wines. But just supposing you happen to be, this very moment, at the wine shop, box of chocolates already in hand, date waiting at the door….well you don’t need no education, you just need to know which wine to get!

It never fails. Someone tries to tell me that wine and chocolate do not pair. Well to any nay-say’er I have this to say: you have not tried enough chocolate and wine pairings. Chocolate and wine pairing can highlight or bring out flavors you will love. I have sat in many a class and watched people’s eyes grow wide while flavors explode in their mouths and signs of joy spread across their faces before they excitedly tell the person next to them, “You have to try this.” Those aren’t the expressions of a failed experiment. Here, to guide you, are 33 wines and chocolates that pair with them. You'll never be lost in the chocolate aisle again.

Pairing wine and chocolate is something that everyone recognizes around the world as a romantic gift. It speaks to the heart, mind and soul of a person, and it shows just how much you care about them. As someone who has taught thousands of people the joys of chocolate and wine pairing, I’m going to share some basics of how to meld the rich tastes of chocolate with the fruity and sometimes spicy tastes in the wine. Here are some great pairings I recommend to get you started: