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Wine Table
Wine Table
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Wine Table

True or False: the legs of swirled wine running down the side of the glass indicate quality. Post your answer to your Dashboard! updated about 7 years ago

BIO is an online forum for wine enthusiasts and professionals across the wine industry. We bring together sommeliers, winemakers, educators, chefs, oenologists, wine growers, merchants and other masters of wine. Developed by Sommelier Paul Giese, WineTable is a roundtable for wine professionals to develop their reputation and specialization within the industry. WineTable is dedicated to building an unbiased community of truth, with reviews, education, events and advice. This is the only forum in the industry that allows for pure, un-bought opinions.

Follow WineTable here for the latest updates.

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The latest shipment of wine test bottles from Wine Of the Month ( Winemakers are increasingly capping wines instead of corking.
Who knows what this is? :)
The WineTable team tasting some vino at the Symposium.
The father-son WineTable duo: CEO Cary Giese and President Paul Giese enjoying a glass of vino.
Another grouping of our team: Jeff Cameron, Paul Giese, Janessa Meyer, Cary Giese
Part of the WineTable team: Jeff Cameron, Paul Giese, Sandy Becker, Janessa Meyer
Our own Janessa Meyer enjoying a cupcake at the Cooperage celebration.
The 100th birthday party for Cooperage. The barrels everywhere were splendid.
Ah, the glory of the 80s with cover band Tainted Love. At a Symposium after-party. (Read the update from Paul Giese for more.)
Some of our WineTable team: Sommelier Jeff Cameron and President Paul Giese.
From the State of the Industry Press Conference: Wine tastes are changing. Moscato is now considered a gateway for wine newcomers.
State of the Industry Press Conference

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