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Maggie Bernat Smith
Maggie Bernat Smith
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Maggie Bernat Smith

BloggerSommelierWine Pro  /  Global wine regions

Our 2008 Rutherford, Georges III Vineyard, Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon just got a 94 point score in Wine Enthusiast next month! However I've always felt it deserves it and am always ahead of the score game :) http://buyingguide.winemag.com/catalog/bell-2008-clone-6-unfiltered-cabernet-sauvignon-rutherford updated about 8 years ago


Maggie Bernat Smith began her love of wine at 20 years old with her first taste of Franzia white zinfandel. She proudly admits to this because this wine started not only she but the entire country falling in love with wine as an “every day” beverage instead of just with fancy dinners. Her love of wine continued and every chance she got she traveled to wine regions around the world to explore the different cultures, native grape varietals, viticulture and varietal expression. She decided to make wine her career 5 years ago and quickly moved up in the industry. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal for her food and wine pairing expertise, along with multiple other Chicago publications such as Todays Chicago Woman and the Chicago Reader. She became the wine buyer for Just Grapes, a downtown shop where she diligently hand selected each wine and gained quite a following for her “easy speak” or non-intimidating language educating people on wine. She writes for several blogs in Chicago and her aim is to make wine understandable and a fun read for anyone that wants to learn about wine. There is so much wine information out there and so much of it is dry, confusing, and for people that already have an education about wine. Her aim is to bring wine knowledge to the masses because the more people understand the beverage the more enjoyable it becomes. She has recently moved to the Napa Valley to further her career and continue her education on this magical beverage.

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