From Bonking Frog's Julie Hutton comes this chocolate (and merlot!) zucchini cake. It was featured on Australia's ABC Radio program, "Kristy's Kitchen with Ron Tate." Julie says, "It's absolutely delicious and easy too!" The recipe calls for a bit of Bonking Frog merlot, but leaves plenty for you to enjoy with the cake once you pull it out of the oven.

Here’s part 2 of our Chocoholic’s Guide to 34b Wines and Chocolates that Pair.

It never fails. Someone tries to tell me that wine and chocolate do not pair. Well to any nay-say’er I have this to say: you have not tried enough chocolate and wine pairings. Chocolate and wine pairing can highlight or bring out flavors you will love. I have sat in many a class and watched people’s eyes grow wide while flavors explode in their mouths and signs of joy spread across their faces before they excitedly tell the person next to them, “You have to try this.” Those aren’t the expressions of a failed experiment. Here, to guide you, are 33 wines and chocolates that pair with them. You'll never be lost in the chocolate aisle again.

Sometimes in life, we require a therapist; physical therapists, group therapists, individual therapists or marriage therapists. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we recommend that lovers spend money at the The Chocolate Therapist which just may reduce the need for the aforementioned therapists! 

Ahhh, Love is in the air. When we think of Valentine’s Day, Cupid carrying a heart of chocolate comes to mind. How about Cupid carrying a glass of wine? This year, the theme for your Valentine’s Day could be “Romance from across the World.” There are some amazing choices for far reaching countries that can assist you in creating a pleasant experience of wine themed by a region like Australia or Portugal. Or try all reds from various countries pairing each with a separate regional course. Perfectly great wines for Valentine’s Day, of course, include luscious, flavorful and bold reds like Zinfandel or Syrah. They may also include vibrant sparkling wines too. Regardless of your choice, preparing a meal that includes wine should be thoughtful and from the heart.