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Cary W Giese
Cary W Giese
Member Since 2011
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Cary W Giese

Wine ProEnthusiast  /  CEO

The farmers market in southern Florida produced some huge red and yellow bell peppers perfect for stuffing with Patti's jasmine rice, hamburger, spicy tomato sauce, mixture. Shredded cheddar topping and then baked and you have a one dish meal perfection. Paired with The Crossing's Sauvignon Blanc I was in culinary heaven. Try it if you can! updated about 10 years ago


As a businessman who traveled the world for a decade and a half, I enjoyed the experience of sampling local wines in the company of local business executives aided by local sommeliers and restaurant owners. I came to admire the expertise of the professionals I met. I was also struck by how wine was so deeply entrenched in the culture in many of the countries I visited; how much the general public knew about the wine they drank. I found it charming. I wanted to experience that easy, refined but unpretentious feeling in the US. Obviously, though it has come far, it will take some time for the cultural softening wine offers to fully permeate the US Society. It will come, but more slowly than we wish perhaps. I am convinced that the millennial generation will take us there, and will make it a uniquely American experience. The millennials seem hungry for knowledge but want to take it casually, at first together in groups often lead by woman. They want expertise but won't tolerate snobbery. If we understand and accept this as fact, industry participants, working together, can improve the wine experience and expand the market so that soon wine is a normal part of the daily meal in many homes, and an increasing part of most restaurant experiences. From the entrepreneur who plants a vineyard, to the experts who make and market the wine, to the merchants who serve a local markets, to the Chefs and Sommeliers who teach the enjoyment of wine, we are in this together. Helping make that happen in the US and creating the ultimate worldwide meeting place for the wine industry are the ultimate goals of 50 Executive and International Businessman.----Founding Partner, CEO of Wine Table LLC and a Wine Enthusiast.

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Paired with my favorite every day Sauvignon Blanc!
Mother of all Marquette Grapes  University of Minnesota
Paul and Jeff at the Symposium

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My Wine Cellar

"1919" Malbec Mendoza

Region: Argentina, Mendoza
Vintage: 2005

"Y" Bordeaux - White Sauternes

Region: France, Bordeaux, Sauternes
Vintage: 2004

Chateau Ste. Michelle 'Indian Wells' Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: United States, Washington, Columbia Valley
Vintage: 2010

Erath 'Dion' Pinot Noir

Region: United States, Oregon, Willamette Valley, North Willamette Valley, Chehalem Mountain
Vintage: 2010

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