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Braylon M Medvec
Braylon M Medvec
Member Since 2012
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Braylon M Medvec

Student  /  a.k.a Box Wine Braylon

It's a box wine kinda day if you ask me. updated about 6 years ago


What's up?! I am Braylon, a.k.a. Box Wine Braylon, and as a member of the younger generation let me be the first to say I love wine, but couldn't tell you the difference between a box wine and a $250 bottle. Therefore I have made it my "wine" goal to get out there and discover some new wines and events that cater to my generation (so for most of you college kids that means light on the pockets)! Let the good times roll and lets slap that bag!

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Steak House - Cabernet Sauvignon
Beringer Bold & Balanced Cabernet Sauvignon

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Wine Table
Charity A Dirkman
Whitney Khan
William Gordon
Jeff S Cameron
Maren J Fee
Rick Jelovsek
Lisa Jacuzzo
Cary W Giese
Maggie Bernat Smith
Sasha S Dudin
Amy Covington
Jannie Kirsten
Lauren Barnard
Theresa M Rossow

My Wine Cellar

Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Australia/New Zealand, New Zealand, Marlborough
Vintage: 2007

Brokenwood Shiraz

Region: Australia/New Zealand, Australia, New South Wales, Hunter Valley
Vintage: 2007

Conundrum White Wine

Region: United States, California
Vintage: 2010

Eberle 'Vineyard Selection' Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: United States, California, San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles
Vintage: 2007

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